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Fountains & Water Features

With over 50 years of experience, Industron Incorporated remains the Philippines’ top expert on building fountains and water features.

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About Us

We Engineer Experiences that Attract & Delight Your Visitors, Patrons, & Communities

Industron Incorporated has been at the forefront of the fountain and water features business for over 50 years. We’re responsible for the design, supply, installation, and maintenance of several iconic attractions all over the country.

These include the Cultural Center of the Philippines; Luneta, Rizal Park; Solaire Resort & Casino; Rajah Sulayman; Trinoma Mall; Eastwood Mall; Uptown Mall; and SM Malls with several others that have all become historical or well-known landmarks throughout the Philippines.

What We Do

We're Experts at Building Highlights, Spectacles, & Memories.

With over half a century of service, Industron has the required experience and technology to design and supply whatever fountain or water feature our clients might desire.

We’ve crafted simple fountains, portable types, musically dancing designs, interactive fountains, massive waterfalls, water curtains, laminar jets, as well as multi-pattern and high-tech “laminar effect water screens”.

What Sets Us Apart

Why choose INDUSTRON?


INDUSTRON has spent more than 50 years in the business of designing and supplying fountains to almost 300 known/landmark installation. We've covered all types and kinds of fountains—from the simplest to the most complex design—ensuring customer confidence that the end-result shall be as desired and expected.

Luneta Musically Dancing Choreo­graphed Fountain, Rizal Park Central Lagoon, Manila, 2010
Malacanang Palace Circular Statue Fountain rehabilitation, 2017


All components are custom built locally or available at Industron, Inc. so that scheduled deliveries are met—without delays—and with quality materials and workmanship always assured.

Technical Expertise

Design engineering, working drawings, technical supervision and proper coordination with other contractors go with every project for top-quality results.

Trinoma Mall Multi-level Shooting Jets, Quezon City, 2007
Manila Film Center Fountains, CCP Complex, 1982


Upon project completion, a Warranty Certificate is issued guaranteeing against defective workmanship and materials for one year: all items supplied and installed by Industron, Inc.


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